Significant Trends and Digital Marketing Tactics in 2018

Digital marketing trends will always be on the limelight. Every now and then, professionals spot trends that are very useful for campaigns. But how about tactics? Basically, tactics are maneuvers that you can use for the advantage of your business. Trends, on the other hand, are powerful business-changing events.

Here are the significant points about trends and tactics:

Most Tactics are Evergreen

You probably heard about the benefits of evergreen content strategies. Actually, being evergreen is not just useful in the field of content. It’s a general benchmark which can measure how valuable your campaign is. If your campaign is focused too much on trends, you might miss some special milestones. This can lead to overlooked KPIs which – in turn – is translated to lost sales. Most, if not all, tactics are evergreen – nothing can change this fact. One tactic has the potential to work for a long time, and another one must be properly revised. Trends are your guidelines for revising tactics.

Trends Are Risky

Take a quick glance at the boom of Facebook ads. When the ads were peppered all over the social media platform, businesses thrived, consumers connected, and everyone is happy. Now, ads have become less effective due to the ever-changing arena of digital marketing. By focusing on Facebook ads alone, you’re embracing risk. Implement trend-based strategies one at a time, and do not bank on them! If you understand that trends are risky, your campaign will become more flexible.

You Can Adjust a Tactic

Trends are beautiful, even if they’re not. Once a certain group suffers from the upswing or downswing of a trend, another group benefits from the change. It’s just the flow of life. But this strengthens the shaky impression that trends are uncontrollable. Tactics, however, will give you a larger degree of control. You are the head honcho who calls the shots. With trends, you’re just a proud speculator, but that’s not totally a bummer.

Trends Are Short-Term

Some may argue, but we can’t deny the fact that trends are short-term. Whenever someone discovers a magic bullet, you’d feel its effects – then it would fizzle after a month or two. You should be prepared for this; otherwise, you and your team will be shocked with the after-effects. It’s like a tremor that couldn’t have broken down your walls, but it did because you were poorly prepared. Pro tip: list down the short-term trends that you know, and then devise strategies on how to tap them.


If you’re going to look at the big picture, balance is the main factor that would make digital marketing tactics and trends work. By combining these things, your digital marketing campaign will have greater effects, thus benefiting your business as a whole. So, meet up with your team and start discussing possible trends and tactics!

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